Seduced By The Woman Next Door Ch. 09

The next morning, I managed to drag myself out of Brianna's arms and showered quickly. I brewed coffee and found some bran in the pantry.

Making up a breakfast tray I carried it into Brianna who was still curled up in bed.

"Wakey, wakey sleepyhead, you have work to do." I burbled.

She stretched out her arms from below the covers and yawned, "If you are going to be one of those slave driver editors then I may need to look at our arrangements."

"Oh, shut up!" I snapped as I plonked the tray down on her lap, "And don't think you are going to get this service every morning either."

She grinned, "Oh this isn't what I had in mind for this morning, I wanted to wake up with your sexy lips kissing my pussy, I wanted to wake with your tongue inside me... fucking me."

I giggled blushing, her words both arousing and embarrassing, especially embarrassing was my reaction to hearing them.

She sat lifted her coffee to her lips and sipped, "Perfect, just the way I like it."

Sitting on the bed I whispered, "Before we start work, could you drive me into town to pick up Debbie?"

She waved me away, "You don't need me for that, you can drive yourself."

"But my car's in your garage."

"Charlotte, don't be an idiot, the reason we brought the car is so you will have transport, I mean I could teach you to ride the bike, but not this morning, today I want to start back on my novel, I have lots of ideas."

She reached for my hand, "I want you to feel at home, not like a prisoner, or my employee. Use the car."

Unsure about the next bit, "Are you sure you will be OK if I bring Debbie back here? I mean it won't interfere with your writing?"

"Debbie is welcome, but I won't put up with her being rude to me, in your house it was different, but here...this is our place, and she will need to be respectful."

"Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way."

I dressed quickly and picked up the keys to Brianna's little convertible. As I cruised out onto the highway, I again enjoyed the car. Although it was a little brusque, I stopped to fold down the roof. The music loud, the roof down I felt like a special woman, my whole body tingled with excitement."

Pulling up outside Lyndsay's house I got a feeling of panic, what if she had seduced Debbie, taken advantage of her, god did her parents know about John and I, what would they say?

Knocking on the door I got that sense of apprehension, but my heart raced when Debbie pulled open the door and fell into my arms, "Mum, thank god you're here."

She dragged me inside, Lyndsay was at the table, they were apparently in the midst of breakfast. Lyndsay stood up and walked over to greet me, she puled me into a tight embrace and kissed me on the cheek, "Hi Charlotte... do you mind if I call you by name?"

My voice fluttered and I breathed uncomfortably, "No, that's fine. Where are your parents?"

She grinned, "They have already gone to work."

Debbie finished her breakfast, Lyndsay made me a fresh cup of tea and I sat with them, "Debbie, if you could gather your things you can come with me, if that's what you want."

She nodded, "Thanks mum, dad's been a real pain. All he does is moan and bitch about you, I'm trying to help him, to support him because he is in such a dark place, but honestly, he is saying some nasty things. You know he told gran about your affair."

I flinched, I expected it, but knowing that my mother, and of course my father knew hurt. They would be disgusted with me. "Yes, well it was always going to come out honey, cut your dad some slack, it wasn't his fault."

Debbie appeared conflicted as she moaned, "Yes but like, he doesn't have to be mean, I don't know what has come over him, he's so bitter." A little river of tears flowed from the corner of her eyes, "Mum I can't stay with him, not till he calms down."

I nodded, "You are welcome to stay with Brianna and me for a few days, but if you do there will be no name calling or snide comments."

She sighed, "I'm sorry mum, I just didn't understand, I still don't really but I just need somewhere to stay."

"You could stay with nan, she wouldn't mind."

Her quick snappy response showed how strongly she felt about that, "No... not nan, she will be worse than dad."

"Alright, as I said you're welcome to stay with us, it means a long drive to and from school so it can't be permanent, but maybe dad will calm down enough for you to move back home."

Lyndsay jumped in, "Deb's you can stay with us, you know that. I love having you stay over."

Debbie smiled and reached out her hand, "Thanks Lynd's but it feels weird, your parents are strange."

Lyndsay rolled her eyes and giggled, "Can't argue with that."

Lyndsay glanced at me, "Can I ask, have you always been gay?"

I knew these questions were going to come, but the smug look on her face made me uncomfortable, "No, I have had a wonderful life, John has been an incredible husband, but Brianna opened my eyes and my mind. I had an epiphany and I realised I loved her."

Debbie interrupted quickly, "But what about dad?"

"Honey I don't know; I simply don't know what the future holds. Brianna may get sick of me and kick me out. I don't know that you father would take me back, and I'm not sure I would want to."

Debbie couldn't stop the water works, her hands rubbing both eyes, "Honey, you have to believe your father and I both love you, that will never change. You just have to let us work things out."

She sighed, "Dad said he is divorcing you, what happens then?"

"Well honey if that happens, we will go our separate paths, start again, live new lives. I love your father, just because I met Brianna doesn't change that. He is a wonderful man, I hurt him, and he is suffering, but if I know your father, he will pick himself up and be back stronger than ever."

"But what am I supposed to do?"

"Honey, you're almost a woman, you can live with me, or stay with your dad, but you'll be off at University making your own life. Go and get your stuff, we need to get going."

As soon as she was gone Lyndsay got up and moved around behind me, "You and Brianna seem to have it sorted, is she as hot as she looks, I mean she's like gorgeous." I felt her hands on my shoulders as she moved closer, "You're incredibly attractive Charlotte, I can see why she likes you."

Turning to face her I murmured, "Thank you Lyndsay, but I think you should remember I am your friends' mother."

"Maybe but that doesn't stop me from wanting you, I may be young, but you wouldn't be disappointed, we could make beautiful music together." Her hand reached up and her fingers trailed lines up my neck, across my cheeks moving softly through my hair like a comb.

Debbie came bounding in and rushed up to give Lyndsay a kiss goodbye. I'm sure it was meant to be a peck, but Lyndsay grabbed her, and the kiss became very sensuous. Debbie spluttered babbled, "See you at school tomorrow."

As we headed away Debbie hissed, "God she is so intense, thanks for coming to get me, mum I think she was making a pass at me. She kept touching me, rubbing against me, it freaked me out."

Looking across at her I whispered, "If you're uncomfortable, just tell her to stop."

"Mum, the problem is I don't know that I wanted her to, it made me feel good, especially the kiss."

Swallowing a huge lump, I gasped, "Honey, don't let what happened to me cloud your judgement, if you honestly feel that way, I will support you, but please don't rush and don't let Lyndsay pressure you."

"Mum, it's alright." She giggled, "I'm not ready to jump into bed with her, I was just saying."

As we got out onto the motorway Debbie yelled, "Oh my god, this is amazing." She reached for the radio and turned it up loud, her hands waving in the air above our heads, "Whoooooooeeeeeee!" She screamed.

Soon we were dipping in and out overtaking cars and the smile on her face was as wide as mine.

I stopped at a supermarket to pick up extra food before we pulled up the driveway through the overhanging trees. As Debbie climbed out Debbie let out another, "Wow... mum... this place is amazing."

We walked in and Brianna rushed up, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Taken completely by surprise I had to hold on to stop from falling, her tongue slithered into my mouth circling like an uncoiling spring.

As we separated, Brianna pulled Debbie into a hug as well. Debbie stood in stunned surprise.

"Hello Debbie, nice to see you." Brianna picked up Debbie's bags and said, let me show you to your room."

Brianna came back with a big smile, "Hello my darling little minx, I missed you."

She slipped her arms around my waist and pulled hard, our bodies crushed together, and her lips soon found mine, her tongue ever the rapacious explorer sought out my own to play. Her pouty sexy lips mashed mine as she seduced me so easily into world.

I pushed, my hands cupping her bountiful breasts, "Brianna, stop, Debbie could walk out any moment."

She scowled, "SO.... Look my sweet sexy temptress, if Debbie is going to live with us, she is going to have to learn that you and I are more than roommates."

Her lips crashed into mine and I sank deliriously into her kiss, she was right... there would be no hiding from Debbie, god I felt so weak, so powerless to fight. My trembling wobbly legs proof in point.

Debbie walked out while we were still cuddled together, "Oooooh yuck, get a room."

Brianna leaned forward and grazed her lips back over mine, "We did, and we are in it."

Debbie sniggered sulkily, "Is it going to be like this all the time?"

Before I could answer Brianna whispered, "Debbie, I love this woman, she is my partner and I will not hide my love and affection for her because you live with us."

Debbie sighed, "Are we allowed down by the creek?"

I nodded, still swooning from hearing Brianna's words, "Yes sweetheart, the grounds go all the way out to the road."

She sighed, "I might go for a walk."

As she closed the door, I gave Brianna a very sloppy kiss, "So you love me, god I love hearing those words. I'm sorry for wrecking your life."

She grinned, "Darling, it is I who should apologise, but I am reticent because although I feel guilty for what happened between you and John, I am just grateful to have you in my life."

As we cuddled, she groaned, "Sorry but I need to put you to work, are you still prepared to do some editing work?"

"I would love to, but please be gentle, I have no experience."

She laughed, "You will be fine."

I set up my laptop out on the closed in veranda, there was a small desk which I utilised as my office. As I started reading, I got an understanding about what she meant, her grammar was terrible. I worked through the story and was immediately transported into a world far away. I sank into it, editing as I went. I could see the holes though, it was obvious. With my heart in mouth, I deleted a large section using track changes and saving the original. I started to add the story changes I thought more fitting, I even developed a new character to make the changes fit. The story was only about what I figured was the mid-point. I continued to change and alter and fix the glaring mistakes.

Having finished the section I sat back and contemplated my this what Brianna wanted? Or was I just supposed to fix the grammar? With a brooding trepidation I hit send and forwarded it to Brianna. The minute the little notification popped up saying sent, my heart went into a wild defibrillation, I was filled with nervous apprehension.

With it done I quickly pulled on a jumper and scooted out the door. Nervous about how Brianna would react to the changes. I guessed her stories were her babies and she might flip at me having the nerve to change anything, maybe I should have just checked the spelling and grammar.

I found Debbie down by the swimming hole laying on the grass, her hands linked covering her eyes.

I sat down beside her, "Hi sweets, how are you feeling, it must be overwhelming, I'm sorry for what happened with Brianna."

She sat upright and threw her arms around my neck, her tears staining my new jumper. The tears flowed and flowed, her sobs wracking her body.

I just held her tight. We sat like that for ages. When we parted, she sobbed, "So it's true, you're in love with her?"

I nodded, "Yes sweets, I really am, she has become such a huge part of my life, now I can't imagine life without her."

She wiped her eyes on my shoulder before flopping back down on her back, "Mum, I feel so confused, everything is so mixed up. I don't want to be here getting in the way, but I can't live with dad the way he is."

"Honey you're not in the way, never say that things are going to be awkward, but we will learn to cope. The first thing is we need to get you back to school."

She nodded, "But it's a long way."

Patting her hand and holding it firmly in mine I whispered, "It doesn't matter, we can work it out."

We got up and went for a walk right around the property, we followed the stream, and it was nearly two hours before Debbie complained about being hungry.

We walked back to the cottage, I dawdled nervously, hesitantly, and Debbie noticed, "Mum, it's alright, I won't make a fuss."

I chuckled, "Oh my love, if only it were that simple, I may have made a huge mistake, I'm not so sure I am going to be welcomed in with open arms."

"Mum if me being here is that much of a problem I will leave."

Kissing her cheek, I whispered, "Sweetheart I am editing a book for Brianna and I made some changes, I don't know how she will react, damn, I shouldn't have touched it, what was I thinking?"

She held my arm in hers and returned my kiss, "It'll be fine, if she loves you like she says."

As we walked in there was no greeting, Debbie went into the kitchen and I wandered up to the bedroom. Brianna wasn't at her writing desk, I found her laying on the bed with her tablet reading. I poked my head in and announced softly, "We're home."

She peeked over the tablet, there was no hint of a smile, "I'm reading." She muttered matter of factly.

I turned and walked out to the kitchen, Debbie whispered, "Well? Do we have to move out?"

I shrugged non-committedly, "She doesn't look impressed, I might start on making some dinner." For the first time in a long time Debbie came in and helped me, we talked about stuff we hadn't spoken about in a very long time and the time flew by.

Sa we were setting the table I winced, "Could you go and tell Brianna dinners ready?"

She grimaced, "Me...really."

I nodded, she wandered up the hallway and I heard her call out to Brianna and then scurry back out the hall, she looked nervous as she sat down.

Brianna wandered out and I could see by her puffy eyes she had been crying... not a good sign. We ate in silence. After dinner Debbie rushed off leaving Brianna staring at me, "Charlotte, my editors don't usually make changes to my work, it's just spelling and grammar."

I nodded biting my bottom lip nervously, "I'm sorry Brianna, I shouldn't have done that, I overstepped my boundaries, I'm sorry, I just got excited. It won't happen again."

She gave me a rather vicious glare, "Like hell, your suggestions, they're brilliant."

"You like them? I asked disbelievingly, "Then why the tears and the cold glares?"

"Because I was shocked, stunned, it opened my eyes, you're very good. Tomorrow we are going to sit down and go over it again, together, and I want your input. Damn it girl, you're good."

She walked around the table and circled my neck, her lips snaking up and down my neck, her wet lips nuzzling my ear, "Fuck you Charlotte, where have you been."

"We went down to the creek."

"No, you minx, I meant for my life, god the tears were because I realised with your help how much better some of my other books could have been."

I snorted derisively, "Your books were all perfect, what are you saying?"

She glared at me, "You have read a lot of my books, be honest are there bits you would change?"

Guiltily I muttered, "That's just me being silly, I always do that, regardless of who the author is."

She sucked greedily on my neck, her hands cupping my boobs, her thumbs flicking my nipples, teasing, making me squirm, "Brianna, please... Debbie."

On cue Debbie walked out and gasped, "Oh my god... you two, I was only gone a minute."

Brianna let her hands fall from my boobs, but her wet tongue slid tantalisingly over my goosebump covered skin, "Sorry Debbie, but you better get used to it."

She walked past us and started with the dishes, I turned and followed her, Brianna holding my hand as long as she could before they slipped apart. Debbie started washing and I picked up the tea towel and When I looked around Brianna was there beside us helping put things away.

The conversation started and Debbie got giggly when she asked, "Are you two always so lovey dovey? Is it always going to be like this?"

Brianna beat me to the answer when she gushed, "God I hope so..."

She kissed my cheek and her hand snuck behind my back to caress my bum. I blushed bright red, my daughter stood beside me as my girlfriend felt me up, her hand pressing into the crack of my arse, squeezing and kneading, a little damp patch appearing. I felt my thighs go clammy, little beads of sweat dribbling down my forehead.

My heart raced, pounding out some frantic rhythm, my mouth dry as I stifled a little moan.

Debbie gave me a strange enquiring glance.

Brianna's hand wedged tightly between my legs forcing them apart, I stumbled a little as I tried to maintain balance.

From out of nowhere Debbie spluttered, "Brianna, how did you know you were gay?"

Brianna's hand stopped as she leaned closer, "I always knew, right from when I was a teenager, boys did nothing for me, but girls made me stutter. The pretty ones made me tingle, my insides twisted in knots, and I became dumb around them. My first kiss with a boy was awful, so full of himself, he didn't care about me, all he thought about was what he could get from me."

"What about your first kiss with a girl?"

Brianna smiled, "Ahhhhhh my first proper kiss, I remember it like yesterday, god it was beautiful, delicate, light yet firm, she tasted of lemonade, her lips were so soft, so tender and succulent."

Debbie went quiet for a minute and Brianna asked, "Why do you ask?"

Debbie burst out crying and turned her arms wrapping around Brianna's neck, tears flowing down her red flushed cheeks, "Because I think I might be gay."

Brianna held her tight, her arms squeezing tight, "Hey, it's alright. Relax. Take a breath. Why do you feel that way?"

Refusing to look at me, she stared unflinchingly at Brianna, "Because when Lyndsay kissed me, I felt like that, I could barely breathe, my heart fluttered, and I got squishy."

Brianna whispered, "Darling, you are young, have you kissed a boy?"

Debbie shook her head, "Then you don't know, look Debbie, there are so many different sexualities, so many different options. You need to find yourself. Lyndsay is a very beautiful vivacious girl, I can see why you would be attracted to her, but don't jump with your eyes closed."

Debbie let her go and fell into my arms, "I'm sorry mum, I didn't mean for it to happen."

I cuddled her soothingly, "Shush baby, don't cry, Brianna is right, take your time. Lyndsay is very experienced, take it slow."

"But what if I am gay, oh my god, what will happen?" She screeched.

"What will happen is you will find a wonderful girl and have an incredible life, it might be Lyndsay, it might not. You will date lots of people, just don't be in a hurry."

Brianna whispered, "Stop thinking about labels, gay, straight, bi... what you need to focus on is love."

There were tearful cuddles before we moved to the lounge and we sat huddled together to listen to some music. Debbie eventually getting bored moved to her room to play on the computer.


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